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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Amegy, we strive to create a great place to work that reflects the communities we serve, where everyone counts, differences are valued and respected, and all employees are encouraged to contribute to business objectives.

Our Commitment to DEI 

We are pleased to share with the communities we serve a summary of our organizational reflection toward the many events over the past 12 months that have challenged our reality of inclusion and equality. The result is a deeper commitment to live our core values, and to report actions that contribute positively each step of the way on this continual journey where everyone can strive and achieve a better life.    

Amegy Bank’s mission is to create a culture of caring bankers who support the growth of businesses, families and the communities we serve. We have a strong, ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion and have always welcomed different voices, backgrounds and perspectives into our organizational culture. However, we know there is much work to be done to build a more equitable, just and united society, and we are committed to being a part of the solution. 

Equally important to our mission of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are the actions we engage in over time. Highlighted below are some key activities we are executing as part of an ongoing and dynamic commitment to DEI.

Making credit and financing more available to minority-owned businesses.
We will review our lending policies and practices and look for ways to make lending programs more accessible to minority consumers and businesses who may have an interest in them but are not qualified based on certain metrics (history with the bank, for example). By providing access to financial services, we empower small businesses to start, operate and grow.

We are currently a participant in Project REACh (Roundtable for Economic Access and Change), which helps solve inherent policy problems so underserved populations may have the same opportunities to succeed and benefit from the nation’s financial system as others. We will prioritize this work with Project REACh to focus on reducing barriers at the national or local levels, in order to expand access to capital, homeownership and financial education for all.

Making homeownership more accessible. 
As part of our dedication to help support communities where our customers live, we have developed an Affordable Home Mortgage Loan. This product features a variety of options for qualified borrowers who meet specific income criteria, or properties that meet geographic location eligibility criteria.

We will help homebuyers navigate down payment assistance programs and obtain loan financing when down payment options and/or closing costs are a concern. We will collaborate with third-party programs (e.g., the Federal Home Loan Bank-Dallas, City of Houston Housing Assistance Program and Fort Bend County Housing Finance), where possible, in order to maximize impact. We will also continue to offer free homebuyer education courses and participate in homeownership forums in the communities we serve.

Driving a diverse and inclusive culture for our employees.
We will be more intentional about hiring and promoting minority employees and providing opportunities for them to learn about all areas of the bank in order to build a strong and diverse network. We will also implement structured interview guidelines to reduce bias in hiring. 

We currently provide diversity training for all employees, and support career mobility based on transferable skills. We are committed to moving more minority employees into positions of leadership and will be actively monitoring our success.

Our leadership team hosts listening sessions with our employees, to gather information on what we are doing well and where there may still be gaps. We’re listening, we’re learning, and we’re adjusting.

Investing in underserved communities.
Currently, 42% of our branch network resides in communities with minority populations making up the majority of the population. We will continue to explore ways to effectively deliver banking services to minority communities through a variety of resources, collaborations and community support.

We expanded on our longstanding relationship with Unity National Bank (UNB), the only African American-owned banking institution in Texas, through a $1 million purchase of preferred stock in 2020. We will strengthen this investment by providing resources to assist Unity with risk management and technology.

Contributing to the collaboration and convening efforts in our markets.
Amegy is a founding member of the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce and has a presence on the boards of multiple local chambers. Leveraging our existing network, we will be more targeted in our efforts to connect minority-owned businesses with other businesses and centers of influence they seek to connect with or get to know. 

Through our newly launched Supplier Diversity Program, we will identify diverse third parties that may be able to offer products and services needed by the bank. This program will create an environment that levels the playing field so all businesses can successfully compete for Amegy Bank procurement opportunities.

Our hope is Amegy Bank can be a catalyst for many actions needed to improve opportunities for all. An ongoing key factor is encouragement for all our colleagues to nurture a desire to help each other and our community.   

Everyone Counts Council

The Everyone Counts Council was created to strengthen employee engagement. The council includes employees at all levels within the company from a variety of departments and backgrounds. With the support of executive leadership, the Everyone Counts Council and the business resource groups, opportunities are available to influence our company’s culture, enhance employee engagement and build on our competitive advantage in the market.

Business Resource Groups and Allies

Amegy’s eight business resource groups focus on increasing diversity, equity and inclusion awareness within the bank, as well as to our clients, prospects and potential employees.

  • African American Business Resource Group & Allies
  • Asian / Pacific Islander Business Resource Group & Allies
  • Hispanic/Latino Business Resource Group & Allies
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Business Resource Group & Allies
  • Military/Veterans Business Resource Group & Allies
  • Women's Business Resource Group & Allies
  • Central Texas Business Resource Group & Allies
  • North Texas Business Resource Group & Allies

At Amegy, diversity, equity and inclusion means everyone counts.

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